First Time Anal Toys

Are you ready to get your first time anal toy?  Buying your first anal vibrator can be intimidating if you don’t know what to look for, but there are plenty of pleasurable, easy-to-use sex toys out there that are perfect for those of you just starting!  Anal stimulation is a great way to spice up sex with your partner or masturbation!  Whether you are a man or a woman, there is so much pleasure to be had with a new anal vibe!  So, if you are a beginner interested in picking out your first butt plug or anal vibrator, check out this list of the best first time anal toys!

Flexi Plug Anal Toy

butt plug anal toyExperiment with ass play today! Get the Flexi Plug Anal Toy and start exploring every way to have anal pleasure! The suction cup base lets you stick this plug to any flat surface for anal stimulation in any position! Use this with a partner for amazing double penetration! If you’re a guy, use this to stimulate your prostate during oral sex or intercourse for intense climaxes! This toy has a flared base for secure and safe anal play.

Roland Multi-Speed Vibrator

best first time anal toys, Pink B.O.B.'s Roland Multi-Speed Vibrator

“[It’s] a nice soft material which [I] also love because [it’s] comfy and [doesn’t] cause pain like some of the hard plastic vibes [I] have purchaced in the past…  [It’s] not too tiny and [it’s] not too big.  [It’s] just the perfect size to please…”  –  theresec13, Amazon review, 2015

This textured vibe is a great first time anal toy for men and women!  The Roland Multi-Speed Vibrator is soft and flexible, making it especially comfortable for first-time use.  “I love this toy…  It has a nice soft feel to it.  The toy is ribbed making it extra pleasurable for internal use…  This is a great product to use alone or with a partner for a little added pleasure.  If you are looking for a good time, [this vibrator] will take you there.”  –  Dani Dee, Amazon review, 2015.  The vibrations are concentrated in the tip, so you get the pleasurable vibes in your anus no matter how deep you choose to go!  The shaft is wonderfully textured to enhance your stimulation and give you the most intense anal stimulation possible.

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Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator

Pink B.O.B.'s beginner anal sex toy, the Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator


“It is the perfect size and girth for anyone to be able to enjoy some sexy time with…  I am in love with mine and it has already received lots of loving from me and my hubby!”  –  Taken by the best!, Amazon review, 2015

For insanely irresistible textured sensations, you need the Cory Multi-Speed Vibrator!  This ribbed sex toy will give you the thrills of your life when you use it anally.  It offers the most incredible sexual stimulation for both men and women.  The twisted shaft will feel amazing as it massages your anal walls no matter how deep you go!  For men, it amps up the pleasure while you stimulate your prostate!  “… the texture on this set it apart from the rest.  Not only can I take it in the shower with me, but the variation in speed is amazing, as intense or as mild as needed.”  –  Miss, Amazon review, 2015.  This vibrator is perfect for anyone looking for a textured, multi-speed ass toy.

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Parker Multi-Speed Vibrator

Pink B.O.B.'s beginner anal toys, the Parker Multi-Speed Vibrator

“I would suggest [the Parker vibe] for many reasons.  The first reason is the size of [this vibrator].  At 6.5 inches Parker is not going to intimidate you.  [It] is also a more slim vibe.”  –  Lori Hudson, Amazon review, 2015

Whether you are looking for a realistic anal sex toy or just something that is easy and comfortable to use, the Parker Multi-Speed Vibrator is for you!  This sexy, veined vibe is ideal for beginners for its small size and flexible shaft, making it easy to stimulate your anus while masturbating alone or with help from a partner.  “Oh my wow!  This toy was great fun!  When this arrived I was pleasantly surprised by its size and shape, not too big, not too small…  Very slick feel and wonderful to play with.”  –  CSquid, Amazon review, 2015.  The realistically tapered head can give you the realistic thrills you have been looking for, or it can simply be the tapered style you need to start off with when you massage your anus for the first time!

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“The vibrating dildo has a veined shaft and a realistic head to mimic the sensations offered by a real penis.  Unlike real genitals, the Parker Multi-Speed Vibrator is bright pink and flexible…   the Parker Multi-Speed Vibrator is the ideal sex toy for beginners looking for a realistic-feeling sex toy with a non-phallic design.”  –  Stable Press, 2015

Devon Multi-Speed Vibrator

Beginner ass toy, the Pink B.O.B. Devon Multi-Speed Vibrator

“The vibration of this little toy is great and you can use it in many different ways…  It’s not long, it has a powerful vibration and it’s the perfect size for me to use.”  –  randie 1995, Amazon review, 2015

For a perfectly small first time anal toy, take a peek at the Devon Multi-Speed Vibrator.  This mini vibe is perfect for beginner teasing and stimulating the butt and anus.  It is the perfect non-intimidating size and shape for use during masturbation or with a lover.  “How nice to find out it is also a very satisfying toy…  This is a simple twist dial model very easy to use.  The vibration on it is pretty good…  This one is very smooth…”  –  Caribe7, Amazon review, 2015.  You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by your first anal toy!  This massager will fit you like a finger would, only this vibrates!  Now you get a comfortable size with the vibrations you crave.  This is perfect for men, women and couples looking to experiment with a little anal play, but it is a very non-intimidating ass toy for beginners!

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Taylor Pocket Massager

Pink B.O.B.'s first time anal toys, the Taylor Pocket Massager

“This is a great adult toy for solo use, or to use with your partner to add some extra pleasure into your bedroom.  This little toy packs some major vibrations, that can send you into complete bliss.”  –  Lori Hudson, Amazon review, 2015

This petite massager is perfect for anyone who is nervous about anal stimulation!  The Taylor Pocket Massager  is best for any man or woman who is reluctant to try an anal vibrator can start with this non-intimidating vibe.  The silicone cap has two ticklers that are ideal for stimulating areas around your anus, especially your perineum!  Your perineum, or taint, is a sensitive area that separates the anus and genitals.  “This B.O.B. comes with a powerful flickering silicone tip that adds a fun teasing sensation that hits the spot.  I love that this is so small and discreet.”  –  Monica Dillon, Amazon review, 2015.  Get a little feel for anal stimulation by massaging that area with this mini stimulator!  You’ll be convinced that anal stimulation is a must-have!

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