Best Ass Toys

Whether you are a beginner ass toy user or you are looking for a new addition to your adult toy collection, you deserve the best anal toys available!  There are many different kinds of anal toys for men and women and each one is designed to give you superior pleasure!  With the many different kinds of ass toys out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best and what kind of features you would prefer!  Well, finding the perfect anal vibrator or sex toy just got a whole lot easier with this extensive list of the best ass toys you can possibly get!

Dare Silicone Anal Toy

silicone anal toy

“Not a huge bulky product so it’s not overwhelming to use. Although it has great vibration it isn’t loud…” – Shannon, Amazon Review, 2016

The Dare Silicone Anal Toy is a simple butt plug design with an amazing feature–it vibrates! Use the remote control to jump through ten strong pulsations and find one to give you an amazing orgasm. “This is made of a very soft material and it is smaller than most anal toys. Great for a beginner!” – CH2002, Amazon Review, 2016. This toy is made from quality silicone so it’s so soft, pliable and body safe! You won’t believe how easy it is to insert this silky toy! It has 3.5″ of insertable length and 1.25″ of diameter. Beginners will have no problems starting with this toy! Experienced users will just love the velvety silicone and powerful vibrations!

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“It can be used by women during intercourse to simulate double penetration. The use of an anal toy during sex will make the vagina tighter due to pressure from the toy…Men can also use this anal toy during sex. The prostate gland is located a few inches inside the anus; it is equivalent in sensation to the female g-spot. – Harmonic Press, Press Release, 2015


Ultra Power Prostate Massager
vibrating prostate massager

Stimulate your prostate with the Ultra Power Prostate Massager! This vibrator has a bulbous head for extreme prostate massaging! It has never been so easy to enjoy prostate stimulation! Have your partner use this powerful vibrator on you during oral sex for unbelievable climaxes! Use this toy on your woman during love-making and give her double the pleasure! You can choose a customized vibration strength with the easy to use twist dial!


Temptation Silicone Anal Stimulator

vibrating silicone anal probe

“This anal vibrator from Pink BOB is wonderful. I’ve had others similar to it in the past, but none of them compare to this one. The others are too big for really good pleasure.” – Daniel T., Amazon Review, 2016

Temptation Silicone Anal Toy lets you experience amazing anal stimulation whether you’re a man, woman, beginner, or expert! This rippled probe is made from 100% silicone to ensure hygiene and satisfaction. “It is small around with ribbing to still keep things interesting, and the round pull at the end helps make it easier to maneuver.” – mamatwitch, Amazon Review, 2016. It’s flexible to fit any user. You can enjoy ten powerful, quiet vibrations that will get your booty rockin’! When you’re finished, removal is easy with a secure pull-ring at the base.

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“This anal vibrator is not just for men, women can enjoy using this toy during sex for a double penetration experience. This toy has an easy grip ring at the base for insertion and removal.” – Email Wire, Press Release, 2015


Cherry’s Vibrating Twister Butt Plug

Best ass toys, Pink B.O.B. Cherry's Vibrating Twister Butt Plug vibrator

“… it was perfect.  Just the right size, felt great in every way…  it is a good stepping stone toy… this toy is a nice and easy move from no toy use at all to a toy…  The #1 [are all the] speeds and different vibrations.”  –  CH2002, Amazon review, 2015

For men and women looking for a sleek and simple vibrating ass toy to begin their anal journey or to add to their ass toy collection, take a peek at Cherry’s Vibrating Twister Butt Plug!  This vibrating anal stimulator has 10 different modes of vibration that will buzz you into ecstasy! The shaft is textured and tapered to give you the ultimate satisfaction and allow you to increase girth at your own pace.  It also has a strong suction cup base for hands-free play!  Use this anal sex toy for double or triple stimulation during masturbation or sex!  “I’m new to the anal world and I found this to be a very versatile toy…  So ladies and [gentlemen] (guys I know you will like this) I would recommend this to you for your intro into the anal and double penetration world.”  –  Girlie G, Amazon review, 2015.  Whether you are a beginner or experienced anal sex toy user, this vibrating butt plug is perfect for you!

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“The main feature of Cherry’s Vibrating Twister Butt Plug is its ten vibration modes that are controlled by the included remote.  The vibrations are gentle enough for beginners but can be adjusted for those who can handle more pronounced sensations in the anal region.”  –  Glamour News Wire, 2015


Multi-Speed Prostate Massager

Pink B.O.B.'s best ass toys the prostate massager

“… I used the prostate massager toy on him.  I can say for fact that he did orgasm harder than he has in the past.  I would recommend this toy to anyone.  We were beginners and it was just what the doctor ordered!”  –  Frst1free, Amazon review, 2015

This anal sex toy for men is perfect for any guy who wants a little extra stimulation while he masturbates!  The Multi-Speed Prostate Massager is a long, firm ass toy that will stimulate the prostate, also known as the male G-spot.  This may be a prostate sex toy for men, but it is a fun sex tool for couples, too!  “… this one has by far been our/his favorite. The vibrations are strong and he is constantly saying how his ‘finish’ is a lot more intense…  It’s quickly become a toy that we go to when we want to add a little spice to our bedtime fun.”  –  Melanie Green, Amazon review, 2015.  This is one of the best ass toys for any beginner or experienced man or couple looking for a multi-speed, waterproof vibrator to enhance masturbation, foreplay, or sex with incredible prostate stimulation!

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“For those unconvinced, there is a physiological explanation for why prostate stimulation is enjoyable for most men; the same nerves that allow an erection to happen run directly along both sides of the prostate.  Because of this, stimulating the prostate often leads to a firmer erection and more intense ejaculation.”  –  Hounds Tooth Media, 2015


Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Stimulator

woman holding Pink B.O.B.'s Dev's 10 Function Prostate Stimulator, the best ass toy

“This prostate toy hits the right place very well. My husband loved this toy. He was very scared to use it at first but afterwards he was so glad I talked him into it. He said the orgasm was the best feeling ever.”  –  Stacey, Amazon review, 2015

For men looking for intense vibrations that they can easily control, check out Dev’s 10 Function Prostate Stimulator!  Consistently on Amazon’s Best Sellers list, this multi-function ass toy is designed for pinpoint prostate massaging and is a pleasurable massager for beginner and veteran anal toy users!  With ten sexy pulsations and escalations, you get it all with just one vibe! “Feels better than other vibes I’ve tried. It has a lot of settings for variation and intensity. Easy to clean up since the remote can be unplugged it can get a quick wash. The size width wise was just right…” – Amazon Customer, Amazon Review, 2015 The best feature of this silicone prostate toy is that is comes with a remote control so you can easily change the vibration functions!  If you are using this vibe with your lover, she can tease you by slowly moving up to your favorite setting while you fuck her or she gives you a blowjob!

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“Dev’s Prostate Massager is four inches long and curved to pinpoint the prostate.” – To Do Web, Press Release, 2015

Kip’s Silicone Prostate Stimulator

Best ass toys, Kip's Silicone Prostate Stimulator

“I love the soft ‘velvety’ texture!  It’s very gentle and definitely ‘hits the spot.’  You should give it a try!”  –  Silly World12610, Amazon review, 2015

The perfect mini beginner prostate massager is here!  If you are looking for something small to use while you masturbate or to try male G-spot stimulation for the first time, there is Kip’s Silicone Prostate Stimulator!  This curved, body-safe ass toy is perfect for men who want a little extra something when they masturbate or have sex.  “You will have intense anal pleasure that will help you have the most powerful orgasms you can imagine.  Use during intercourse and masturbation to experience satisfaction like never before.”  –  Fuzzywuzzy, Amazon review, 2015.  Women can also use this silicone sex toy as a butt plug!  Plus, this waterproof anal massager has a pull ring for easier positioning and removal as well as two ticklers that will add extra pleasure by teasing your taint!  That added pressure on your perineum will help give you the most powerful orgasms ever!

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